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Solidarity with CGIL

The DGB Stadtverband Essen condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack by neo-fascist forces and other reactionaries on our sister union CGIL in Italy.

The fact that fascists specifically define an active union as an opponent under the guise of a critical position on current pandemic measures shows, as here, how anti-laborer these forces are. The solidarity of all trade unions can and must consistently fend off this and future attacks on the representatives of the workers' interests. We know: The fascist storm on May 2nd, 1933 on the union houses in our country was the visible signal that the most consistent representatives of the working class and their destruction was their main goal.
That is why our full and undivided solidarity goes out to the unionists: inside Italy.

Our solidarity goes to the attacked colleagues of the CGIL.

DGB Stadtverband Essen



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